The Herbal Gardener offers you calendula based natural, chemical free skincare products.  

The Herbal Gardener is a two acres property certified Demeter Bio-dynamic since 2008.  Demeter Bio-dynamic is an enhance organic method established in Australia since 1967.

The owner, Lise Racine, cultivates herbs that are individually hand-picked after being carefully selected for their radiance and vitality. 

The herbs are transformed on the property using traditional infusing methods and are inc luded in the composition of the natural skincare products.

In choosing the ingredients we buy in, we give priority to Australian certified organic. We are proud to list the complete list of ingredients for all our products which you can find on our products labels as well as on the description of each product on the website.  There are no surprises, no fillers in our ingredients.

All our products are free of:  synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances or perfumes, petroleum ingredients, mineral oil, sulphates and artificial colors.

Our products include:  

  • Certified Demeter Bio-dynamic herbs grown on our certified property in Tallebudgera
  • Australian organic oil selected for their benefit in nurturing and repairing the skin with the least extraction process to preserves their integrity
  • Natural ingredients acting as gentle preservatives,
  • Light touch of essential oils
  • Purified water.

Enjoy a fresh, herbal, artisan skin care product such as cream, face moisturiser, lotion, lip balm, pure calendula oil, palm oil free soap.  All these bring real visible results for your skin.


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Lise Racine and Costa - The Herbal Gardener on Gardening Australia


One Saturday at the market I bought the Calendula and Comfrey Ointment to see if it could help my husband with some ant bites that just kept being inflamed and so itchy. He got significant relief using the ointment. That night I was bitten several times by mosquitoes and was having a hard time getting to sleep because every time I moved it would irritate them and start them itching again. I thought of the ointment and wondered if it could help, put it on and it calmed the bites right down and I was able to have a good night's sleep. Thank you!!!"

D.  Anker
I just love this range of beauty products. They are so gentle on the skin.

I am soooo glad you were there on Saturday.....    My skin feels like it has just had a huge drink....   My friend that was with me has the most sensitive skin and had put some other stuff on her hand the day before and it reacted .  You actually said to her try this and she in her head was thinking oh heavens!!!  but did and no reaction...  (you actually put it in the same spot that had reacted) so she is going to get your product next time.........   I went !without you for one month but would not buy anything else.....my friend was shocked!!!     She knows when I find something good I will not substitute for anything!!!  your product is for me for life!!


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