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calendula infused oil

The ingredients in the making of the
calendula infused oil.

The Herbal Gardener offer a range of natural skin care products with calendula:  cream, moisturiser, lotion, ointment, lip balm, soap.

We grow the calendula on the family certified bio-dynamic Demeter property in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

Before being hand-picked, the calendula flowers are carefully selected for their vitality.  They are then dried at a low controlled temperature.  Following this, they are infused in Australian olive oil certified bio-dynamic Demeter for 8 to 10 weeks.

The infused oil produced is included in the composition of our products.  We do not use petroleum ingredients, synthetic preservatives or artificial fragrances.

The facial care products come with varied blends of oils and texture.  You can choose from a light blend to a richer one all the way to very rich depending on your needs.


Fresh calendula and dried calendula

Fresh calendula flowers on the left and dried flowers on the right. The color is still a vibrant orange even after the drying process is completed.

How do we choose our ingredients?

When choosing the ingredients that we don't grow, the priority is given to certified Australian ingredients. The next choice is for Australian ingredients and finally ingredients from the South Pacific region (coconut oil for example).  This is done in the aim to decrease the carbon footprint of the products.



Some information to help you choose the right facial moisturiser for you

Ultra light facial moisturiser

Here is a moisturiser that you can easily use before applying your make up in the morning.  The calendula infused oil for this blend has been done using almond oil.  This ultra light facial moisturiser contains a blend of almond and apricot oil.  The subtle scent of rosewood and lavender adds a delicate and discrete tone to this cream.

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Light blend with pure rose: Rose Otto & Calendula moisturising cream

This moisturiser is a delicate and nurturing blend of certified organic calendula oil, almond oil, apricot oil .  To this we add a divine touch of pure rose damascena essential oil.  The result is a moisturiser that nourishes the normal and dry skin while the rose essential oil is a delight for the senses every time you apply the moisturiser.

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Light blend with lavender:  Light Calendula Moisturising cream

Here is a moisturiser offering a light nurturing accompanied by the gentle lavender essential oil.  The blend contains certified organic calendula oil, almond oil and apricot oil.  A low quantity of lavender essential oil makes it safe and gentle to use on any skin type.

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Richer moisturiser:  Original Calendula moisturising cream.

This cream has the same blend of oil as the two previous ones plus coconut oil which gives it that extra touch of richer effect on the skin.  This cream will be suitable for the skin that is slightly drier and  needs that extra moisturising.

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Richer blend with beeswax:  Rose & Honey moisturising cream

This cream contains almond, macadamia and jojoba oil with raw, filtered beeswax.  The Macadamia oil is considered a dry oil because it is quickly absorbed by the skin while the jojoba oil helps to balance the pH and stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen.  The beeswax helps to keep the oil a little longer at the surface of the skin before being absorbed.  This makes it ideal to use either as a day cream for someone wanting the moisturising effect to last longer or a night cream.

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Richest blend with beeswax:  Simply Calendula moisturising cream 

Simply Calendula is the richest of our cream.  I like to introduce it to new client as "la creme de la creme" as it is very rich.  It contains the oils to give extra moisturising effect:  almond, apricot, certified organic calendula infused oil, coconut oil, lavender floral water and beeswax binding all these ingredients together.

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Please note that the emulsion created with beeswax (what keeps the oil elements and the water elements together and thus create the cream effect) is not as stable.  This means that the ingredients can separate. If this happens, simply mix the ingredients with a clean spatula.  All the ingredients are still of very good quality and are fine to use.  All the goodness of the ingredients are still there and will moisturise your skin the same way.

Calendula essential oil
Filtering the oil once the cold infusion is completed.


Why Calendula?

Calendula is a herb that is a specialist of the skin.  It helps to repair, renew and tone the skin.  It has been used for hundreds of years throughout Europe.  The calendula cultivation is a reliable, productive crop allowing us to offer you natural, herbal, chemical free skin care products all year round.

We produce 100% certified organic calendula oil which can be bought on its own.

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